my htc desire hd replaced but concerned its my old handset

    Hi I had replacement HTC desire hd delivered to me but I'm concerned it could be my faulty one I sent back, the reason I think this is I have just got to my friends house and it has automatically remembered the broadband pass key for WiFi, I sync with my Google acc and its remembers my apps from my last handset, what do u guys reckon?


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    Also it already has the 2.2 firmware installed on it where before it came with 2.1

    Did you not do a reset before you returned it ?

    Have a look on your original receipt from your supplier. It'll have the IMEI number on and then check what's in the phone. If the same then it's your original faulty one.

    ^ what he said - did you return it boxed? has the IMEI number on that to cross check with !

    normally as a rule when phones come back they have been factory reset as they usually update/reset the software on them for you ...

    is it working ok?

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    It's strange as it didn't remember my very own WiFi at home, just wondering if all the syncin I done made it remember after, will try dig out the old invoice

    i changed my faulty one in carphone warehouse, watched them swap it so i know i got a new handset and mine remembered the apps, wifi settings etc. I think its to do with the sync thingy built into it, htc sense or whatever and retrieved everything from putting in my email address etc when i turned it on for first time, i was impressed as put loadsa stuff in the calender and it was all still there. wasnt even from the memory card as didnt put my old card in it. clever stuff.

    I find it amazing that you're actually the dumb version of PeterJMay.


    The Desire HD was shipped with 2.2 on it for a start, the remembering … The Desire HD was shipped with 2.2 on it for a start, the remembering wifi pass is a god indication, unless your friends is unsecured.

    So if my phone recognises my wifi pass, does that mean god did it?
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