my iPad Pro 9.7 inch won't charge from flat battery.

I tried to swap the cables and chargers with no luck. I couldn't reset it either. the screen remains black and no nay symbols. Please help. Thanks.


Assuming charger works then leave it over night on charge. I repair iPhones and sometimes they take 4 to 5 hours to even show the battery charging symbol when very flat

Failing that its still under warranty but should be OK as long as flat battery is all this up with it

Plug it in to the charger and leave it a good 30 minutes to see if it comes back to life. Failing that take it to your nearest Apple Store with your email receipt and they will sort it for you.

Make sue your using the plug supplied with the iPad. When plugging in the iPad does the large battery image shown on the screen? When it's been discharged for some time it can take up to 10mins for the charging to kick in. Also have you tried connecting it to a computer/ iTunes?

Even if you're outside your first year warranty, Apple will still repair it for free under consumer law legislation (can't remember what it's called offhand - but my sister used it for her 18mth old iPhone 6...and it was replaced for free)

One option is to check there isnt any debris in the charging port, use the sim card tray remover or a paperclip to give it a clean.
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It should be under a year old i would take it to an apple store and let them have a look at it. It's so silly, when i was abroad I had my ipad which was stuck on Connect to Itunes and it was a software fault. Although the iPad Pro 9.7 was under warranty they replaced it free of charge, however if it was out of warranty i would of had to buy a new one. Well this is what they said in the store which is crazy! They should resolve it rather than messing about with it yourself as you could cause more damage.


apple will fix it free .

Only apple chargers work on iPads if you use cheap generics they don't work

Leave it to charge for about 2 hours

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Thanks everyone's help. I left it on charge over the night. It was charging when I got up in the morning. Happy days.
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