My iPhone 6s Plus is not taking photos it keeps shaking

Found 20th May
My iPhone is acting up , it hasn’t been taking photos for like 2 weeks now.
It shakes like a belly dancer and it’s really annoying
My warranty has ran out and I’m not sure if apple would fix it for free..
I think it’s a software problem
Butttttt a phone should last for a reasonable time and it should defo last more than 2 years... I think there is a regulation like that but I’m not too suree
What should I do?
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Take it to the Apple Store and see what they say. At the least, they'll be able to tell you what kind of fault it is
You have had the phone for two years, its out of its 1 year warranty, and you expect a free repair? To be fair, the issue could arrive from any number of causes, such as dropping it, liquid damage etc. It won't be under warranty. Sounds like a new camera to me but they're not very expensive if you wanted to fit it yourself.
1 year warranty on electronics minimum. Apple have no reason to fix it for free and if there’s any marks on the edges they will simply say you dropped it.
You'd have to prove the fault was present from the start and obtain an independent report to state this. At that point Apple would have to repair free of charge. That's what the law says. After the first 6 months it's on you to prove fhe fault is a manufacturing defect.

Why don't you try restoring it first? Also, they will have a look at it for free and tell you what kind of problem it has.
If the phone is in very good condition you have a good chance of getting it swapped, especially if you bought it direct from Apple. Just book an appointment and see what they say. If your phone looks in poor condition you will have no chance though.
If you can get to an Apple store then get them to have a look at it. Their customer service, in my experience, is brilliant. They have swapped a couple of phones for me over the past 8 years and they replaced the display on my wife’s 4 year old MacBook Air free of charge.

You’ve got nothing to lose by going in there and asking other than a bit of time. Just make sure to make an appointment through the website at the Genius Bar or you’ll be in for a wait if it’s busy.
As said above, if you bought directly from Apple it’s worth booking an appointment with them. Unless it’s clearly the result of accidental damage, there’s a chance they will fix it for free or swap it for a refurb. It’s easier though when the issue is common and has been acknowledged by Apple. Make a search on the Apple forums to see if anyone else has experienced the same issue.
Check your serial number to see if you’re eligible for Apple’s camera replacement program:…ra/
Thanks a lot guys. I have booked an appt with Apple
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