My Ipod Classic is displaying big red 'X', any ideas?

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Found 16th Feb 2011

when i turn on my ipod classic (160gb) it has a clicking noise and displays this:


i have tried loads of things (as found on the internet), such as getting it into drive mode (doesn't work), hitting it against my palm, loads of stuff.

when I plug it into my computer, it does not recognise it.

Please help!


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Dead hard drive?


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I think maybe :(.
is there any way to fix this (easily/cheaply)?
(as it is not under apple warranty anymore)

I'll send you a pm with a link I found... youve provbably already tried it tho from the sounds of it.

Still worth a look?

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yeah defo.
cheers mate

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nah, already tried putting it into disk mode, can't for some reason,

cheers for the help though.

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suppose something like this.


£100 down the drain though...


Blimey you may as well buy a new one oO

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but i'm scared to take it apart.
i'll just wreck it even more.



Yeah I wouldn't pay that, last time I got that error it was just a dead … Yeah I wouldn't pay that, last time I got that error it was just a dead cable from the motherboard to the hard drive, I had two of the same iPod so mixed and matched parts to solve it, got a new one for £1.17 from ebay and fixed a £400 iPod so was pretty lucky.

His pod is clicking though, would have said it was more indicative of disk malfunction rather than faulty wiring. Least that was the case with my 2G iPod back in the day.

My Ipod done the same, other half dropped mine out of the car as she got out one day....

Unfortunately it killed the disk drive and now i need a new one to get it working. There are shops you can get hard drives from, or other idea's are changing it over with a convertor to run a compact flash card - saves battery life and no mechanical parts!

My iPod classic 160GB is showing on the face red x and it doesn't display in my computer when pluged with iTunes.please what can it do to restore it back to normal ?
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