Why is the moon orange?

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Might be the 5g signal
easyJet have parked all the unused aeroplanes there
Might be the 5g signal
Haz_1909/04/2020 23:00

Might be the 5g signal

Or maybe that comet that is coming?
easyJet have parked all the unused aeroplanes there
Thank god I bought a Celestron Astromaster 130EQ Reflector Telescope
It’s a Jaffa Cake?
That's the sun. It's no wonder you failed science.
Try google..
The moon is made of cheese - everybody knows that. Clearly though, that cheese is Red Leicester.
I am surprised the obvious answer has been missed - anything "yuuuge" and orange always belongs to Donald Trump.
A picture of Donald Trump's head has been projected onto it.
Can’t remember the program but that was a question in a tv series I’ve been watching...
But does the moon actually exist or are we all living in a virtual reality?
If someone here hacks into the control panel try changing it to look like zebra stripes and add a HUKD logo with a Quidco label on the dark side.
tempt10/04/2020 12:40

We also have COVID-18 adding to the confusion.[Image]

Even a virus needs version control now
the moon is haveing a beer in garden and got a tan.
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40375039-JUUNS.jpgi think he'd know the answer
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