My January Sales wanted list...

    I have had a look around the site but I find the search engine usless!! Basically I have about £200 to spend and am looking for the following.. I am aware i cant afford all, but im just looking for whatever i can get!


    Decent branded blu-ray player ( before christmas I saw some deals for sony ones around £100...

    A Tv Recorder hard drive box for £50 or less

    a surround sound system for £50 or less


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    Original Poster

    Nice one thanks ALso looking for the old or new scene it with buzzers for as cheap as possible!

    and a fujifilm s700/s800 camera case.. cheapest I found was about £20

    Original Poster…htm anything around cheaper than this?

    Have a search on here for Digifusion boxes. I`m sure i`ve seen deals on here with them before from the likes of Microdirect etc.

    Microdirect usually have cheap ones with 12 months warranty. They are usually refurbs. Thats where I got mine and have had no probs. Had my 40gig one in bedroom for nearly 2 years. No cosmetic damage to unit or anything like that either.

    I`m not gonna deny they are not tope end machines but can`t be beaten for value for money and are within your budget.

    Hope this helps.
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