My laptop battery is proper broke now. Definitely need new one. Thinkpad t61. Don't want it to catch fire.

    I can buy "high quality replacement" battery for Thinkpad t61 anywhere but prefer one that can be relied upon NOT to burn down mother's house.

    Any *known* reliable outlets?

    I think genuine batteries are completely unavailable... Maybe I'm wrong? Maybe I just don't know where to looK?


    contact lenovo and they will tell u.. they own ibm personal computing now..

    it won't be worth it to buy a genuine brand new battery due to its price(assuming it's a core 2 duo t61), see if you can find a genuine used one in good condition or buy one from eBay, in my experience they never caught fire and come with a year's warranty, the bad thing will be that in a year or so you might need to replace it.

    after the used bit I was talking about third party batteries available from eBay for about 10-30£

    I've never had an issue with 3rd party batteries or known anyone to have any issues with ones of decent quality.

    X200 - 2x 3rd party cells both working fine with daily use.
    X61 - 2x 3rd party cells again still working fine with regular use.

    Have you considered getting a 3rd party battery direct from Amazon or similar reputable retailer.


    To be honest, you take a chance with branded as well as unbranded, just look back over the last few years to see how many top branded manufacturers have had issues with melting and exploding batteries for laptops and mobile phones.

    I know where you are coming from with cheap Chinese stuff but you have to understand that they pump out literally millions and millions of batteries for the worldwide market and the number of incidents could probably be put along the same lines as reputable branded companies' incidents.

    You have more chance of drowning in the bath than you being the one with a deadly battery..................but, you just never know.

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