My Laptop is noisier than my car

    Searched the web and found a few posts that suggest loud laptops exist and they just have to be put up with. I have had this HP laptop five days and the fan is getting louder and louder. Some days I assume it must have helicopter rotor blades for fans. I know nothing about PC's and for I know this could be normal; but the old Acer it replaces never got this audible. Can I ask what you would consider to be acceptable fan noise.


    Is it a new laptop? Depends on laptop brands, some have a fan on the motherboard and others have that and an extra on if there's a graphics card.

    A common issue with older models is they get dust in them.

    Another issue depends how and where you are using it. If there is not a good supply of air the fan will sound louder as it's working harder to cool the internals down.

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    Brand new from Currys. TBH it is the same noise as if a disc was spinning in the drive.…tml

    Return it to be replaced saying it's new. Shouldn't have to put up with that. Founds like it's not getting proper cooling to the processor possibly

    Sounds like a broken fan to me, sometimes when they are screwed down the housing cracks and the fan doesn't spin true, fans should be very quiet, take it back

    Are you maybe unintentionally blocking/restricting the vents when you're using it?

    yes - just return it - accept no nonsense from currys. it doesn't matter what you buy from any retailer - you cannot be expected to analyse and try and fix duff stuff. if it had been a sofa and was very squeaky when you sat on it, you would return it wouldn't you?

    I would ask the store to take a look. this model could have a noisier fan due to processor / size of laptop and hdd type. bear in mind the thinner but more powerful laptops do need to keep cool. myself and my friend have HP i7 laptops and at times you can hear the fan. Especially compared to a HP celleron with 32gb hybrid ssd.. that's as silent as a mouse. but can't run much at all. The store should be able to advise you if it's actually faulty.. if it's normal you may need to consider a different model.

    classic comment from Toshiba, its not a laptop computer so you cant use it on your lap , its a notebook they said when I informed them it was getting really hot underneath

    As above, sounds like the processor isn't cooling properly and the fan is desperately trying to keep things cool. Either that or a dodgy fan. Either way, return it and get a new unit. Don't accept repairs.

    Get a noisier car.
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