My Laptop might have a virus - Please help.

    Last night i was surfing (trying to find the lyric of a song) and a box came up to install a plug in - I ment to say No but must have hit the Yes key. Since then I turn the laptop on and it boots up OK but all I see is the screen saver, I don't have any icons to click on or even the Start button/toolbar.

    Any ideas what to do ?


    Press CTRL ALT Delete keys together [once only!]

    You should be able to see the programmes that are running and end the screensaver.

    If you can see your icons and desktop, right click on a blank part of the desktop and choose properties, then Desktop tab, then change the screensaver option to whatever you want.

    It's probably not a virus as such, just one of those nasty click to install a screensver things...

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    I've hit the F8 upon start up and gone in on safe mode and run a full virus scan but it found nothing. Its weird...... Basically its made the Laptop unusable.

    probably spyware

    use adaware SE to get rid of this kinda stuff, also delete all internet temp files.


    If you're running Wndows XP or ME and you can get in to safe mode, why not do a system restore?

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    Given the lappy to PC World - they reckon they'll sort it for £49.95 !!! Health Check or something.
    I wish I was made of money, they think I am !

    Well good luck with it and hope it doesn't cost you any more

    [SIZE=2]The best anti-virus software i have used to date is Kaspersky. I work in the I.T industry & Kaspersky is the best. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]You can download a free trial of the Pro version from the Kaspersky website, update it with the latest definations & run a system scan.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Also a good software to get rid of spyware and adaware is XoftSpySE, do a search on google for it.[/SIZE]

    All you need. It's free and I've found it finds more viruses than Norton!!

    Alternatively, use [url][/url] (crap cleaner)

    fantastic program + free.

    That's for certain things thouhg, not really for all viruses.
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