My LED BULBs are flickering

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Found 18th Oct 2016
I have just purchased some LED BULBS and they are flickering what could the reason be.

The old non led ones were fine


Is it on a dimmer switch?

do you have low voltage downlights?

if low voltage u need led specific transformer

Are these from a reputable retailer and is the switch a dimmer?

Led lights suffer with strobing.. Is that what you mean? Spread you fingers out to make a fan then wave like the queen is coming and watch your fingers. Dose it look like your fingers are jumping position?... If you follow what I'm describing.... This is strobing and a result of poor quality led lights. I bought some for our kitchen that were terrible. The answer is to research and buy better quality led lights.

Nothing wrong with the lamps, a quick fix for this is to remove one of the LED lamps and put a traditional lamp back in on each circuit (such as a halogen). A proper fix is to place a discharge resistor into the circuit. The reason is that the circuits nearby are inducing a small voltage into the lighting circuit, this isnt enough to fire the LED lamps but the lamps and cable have a capacitive effect and slowly charge. When enough charge is present, the LED lamps will flicker as you describe. The effect of the halogen lamp or the resistor is to dissipate this induced voltage. This is quite common with LED lamps but not often spoken about. Hope this helps.

There will be a rating on the transformer (a small rectangular bow with wires in one end and wires out the other end). If it used to supply power to halogen lights then it may be rated something like 40 to 80 watts. But then if you replace these bulms with led's then they probably only draw 20 watts of low for the transformer to work correctly. You will either have to replace one of the led's with with the original bulbs or buy a new transformer of the correct rating (probably around £5).
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