my lg tv has got white running lines on it

Found 20th Jan 2010
my lg tv is just under 3 months old

its suddenly tonight got white running lines (horizontal) that run up and down the screen can been seen on dvds, flickering threw sky channels and on dark backgounds

Will lg repair it?

LG 42 LH 3000

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my first port of call would be currys if it's just under 3 months old and let them deal with it.
get it back to currys tomorrow if they funny, demand a new one. preech your rights.
currys,try not to let them fob you off with a repair.
my lg is a pain in the hoop , every so often the volume crashes and needs to be turned off at the mains to solve it
i have taken a picture

its is really noticeable in black

not to bad where mixed colours
You should go back to Currys - do not accept a repair - you are entitled to a replacement!
It's only a couple of months old.
if i can get the put off form my phone to here i will let you all see.

starts off at the bottom and moves up

dvd of inspector gadget paused on a black section
Before you take it back, try disconnecting everything, unplug it from the mains, leave a few minutes then connect it all back together then plug it back in.

It could also possibly be interference, do you have any radio hams or taxi companies near to you?

Try it again in the morning if all else fails.

Just ruling out anything that Curry's may ask you.
It sounds like possibly its interference to me too, have you tried a different TV in the same position? Would be a pain to go through the hassle of a return only to discover it was. Its probably faulty though, you shouldn't have any problem swapping it if so.
no you're not entitled to a replacement.

after 28 days Currys are entitled to asses the TV to see if its more economical to replace or repair, or to see if the fault was caused by breakdown/accidental damage or anything else.

if you take it into a store they'll tell you to take it home again, ring the customer service line and explain the fault to them, who will ask for your receipt details and the serial no from the back/side of the TV.
they will book an engineer call out to collect the TV.

all TVs over 32" are an in-home engineer service.

are your items connected by Scart cables?
if so try moving any mains cables away from them, if improperly shielded, poor quality scart cables will be affected by interference from mains cables and i have seen, even magnets from speakers close by.

despite what people are saying here you cannot DEMMAND a new one.
if bought from a store, they may offer to test the TV there and then to see the fault, they may offer to book it in for repair for you, but its the pain of you going to the store, waiting around while they do that and then going back to collect the TV to take home once returned to branch.

just ring the number on your receipt.

i know all this because I work for DSG (Yeah, I'm an ********, it just pays the bills), but the store staff are bound by what the eclipse system tells them the procedure is for repairing that item.
if you quote the sale of goods act at staff members you will be told that they are not allowed to discuss legalities with members of the public and you will be directed to talk to the litigation dept at head office.
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