My little boy has finally learned to walk but cant find any shoes...Help.!!!

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Found 31st May 2009
Hello ..
I was just wondering if anybody knew of anywhere other than clarks that sells half sizes as Little one is 5.5 G and not prepared to pay £20-30 for a pair of shoes that will be ruined in a month...
Any help would be much appreciated .

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i used to work for clarks and fit first shoes.

you do not have to buy shoes yet, but it is advised you buy then in the first 6 weeks of walking.

however you may wish to get him some if you want him to walk oustide.

startrite fit babys shoes but are generally about 5 quid more expensive.

another thought - go into clarks and ask if they have any sale stock - sale stock is kept in store and what is not sold gets put back in stock for the next sale

If you have a designer outlet near you have a look there as there may be clarks outlet who do the shoes at about half price as whats in their shops.
We always use them for our 2 year old, the shoes are fine just old stock there trying to get shot of.

Most of the stores that do sell half sizes would be at least £20. Also remember that 5.5G in Clarks is just a guideline, and it's quite likely that he'll need a 5 or a 6 in other shops.
Why not try him with 5's or 6's shoes from Wyndsors or local cheap shoeshops to you, to see if any of those offer a good fit. Because he's got a slightly wider foot than average he's probably need a 6 in a cheaper shop anyway as they make to a F width.

Clarks also sell doodles which are ideal for summer and much cheaper than normal shoes.

Mothercare do wide fittings and are good value when there is a sale on, it might not be any good for now but you could keep this in mind for the future.


Clarks also sell doodles which are ideal for summer and much cheaper than … Clarks also sell doodles which are ideal for summer and much cheaper than normal shoes.

+1 and they also sell a modern plimsoll for about £8 look online and see.

If you know his size you can always try ebay.
He feet may grow fast but tbh i found clarks excellent paid £28 for my sons first shoes (5g) in feb and beeen going every 4-6 weeks to check and he still dont need any and the shies still look fab.

Also try Brantano. They sell Clarks shoes and they tend to be cheaper than in Clarks. They offer a foot measuring service as well.

i get mine measured at clarks then look on ebay


i get mine measured at clarks then look on ebay

I really wouldn't recommend this. Clarks give you a guideline size - it is not an absolute one. And badly fitting shoes are soooooooo bad for young feet. I've even had the very same style of shoe from clarks, in exactly the same size (different colours) having a different fit on my daughters feet. It is better to have a good fitting poorer quality shoe that a poorly fitting good quality shoe if the cost is an issue.

What about some of the doodle sandals, the ones with the velcro straps ? my dd wears them, they are about £14 from clarks

My son is 14 months old and started walking at 8 and a half months! We got him Clarks cruising shoes from a designer outlet t start with, but now he has doodles from Clarks and they are fab! They cost £14 but well worth it! He is now size 4g, hes been measured every 6 weeks and has only had to have two pairs in 6 months! Id deffo recommend doodles!!!!!!!!

i can't get my little one to wear sandles which doodles mainly are, he refuses to have them on, and unfortunatly only been wearing shoes for about a year and we are on pair 9. at £26 a pair its adding up fast. he also has wider feet so bit concerned about buying cheaper shoes incase they do damage

I never buy half sizes...when measured last time I said i wouldnt get the half size and the guy fitting her said thats fine esp as she is nearly over the half anyway...robbing you know whats...they wouldnt of lasted long!

Original Poster

Thanks every one ill have a look in the cheaper shops for 5s + 6s I tried a 6 from next but they were just to big. =) He's only one and the six made him look like he had boats on his feet lol.

yes but i buy clarks from ebay so far ive had no probs

My boy is the same size and I bought him shoes from Clarkes for £15 in the sale. I have always bought his shoes from there and they last ages. His last pair he was in for 4 months and they still look really good.

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Thanks everyone for your help after great recommendations i went to clarks had him remeasured ( he's a 5.5f not g) And got him a lovely pair of trainers for £24 .
Definately worth as he kept tripping up on the bigger sizes from other stores =)
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