My mate's new film (trailer) , tell me what you think of it!

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Found 12th Dec 2009
star's bruce jones AKA les battersby.…C5k


Rubbish! Sorry.


Rubbish! Sorry.

lol a bit blunt but everyone entitled to there own opinon, it not my cup of tea but others may love it

yeah looks interesting :thumbsup: is the whole fim shot in black & white, not that its a bad thing as it adds emphasis to the feel of the film & where is it going to be shown, channel 4 ?

Original Poster

no it's the second short film he's done. god knows why it's in black and white tho.


Sorry but as a trailer it fails miserably. No idea what it is advertising and if I had guessed it was for a film, then it only makes me want to remember the name so I can avoid watching it!


star's bruce jones AKA les battersby.

Is it about wife battery??


chav film

"New" film trailer ? It was posted up 12 months ago.

I wouldn't want to see the film after watching the trailer either, looks like a very boring film.



chav film

NOOB ALERT with a pretty boring life...........................

Looks promising.
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