My Mcafee has quarantined a virus but does not tell me how to delete or get rid of it.

Found 22nd May 2009
As the title says my computer did a scan and found a virus that it says it has quarantined. It is a low risk virus according to the mcafee website. There doesnt seem to be a prompt to get rid of it....any ideas.
The word quarantined seems to me to say its locked in somewhere on my computer and cant do any harm but never the less i would prefer it wasnt there.
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You can probably empty your virus vault (or whatever Mcafee call it) have a look in the settings.

Although, it really can't do any damage where it is, so try not to worry.
Was it anything to do with spotify? I just ran a scan and it (wrongly) came up with spotify.exe as a virus. Now I can't use it :-( .…fu/
i dont think it was but the same happened last week and that was definitely to do with spotify which i downloaded about 3 weeks ago.
Hmmmm I reckon if you store quite a few over time in your Anti virus vault, trouble will brew....:w00t:

I'm sure I read somewhere that they can gang together (The Viri, especially if one becomes the leader) cause a revolt and have a breakout :thinking:

So rather than tempt fate and start a collection that you dont really need....

Empty the vault every few weeks etc.... Can only be good....

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