my memory

i ordered a memory card from my memory, paid by papyal on the 8/12/08

how long does it take to change form pending to it being despatched or does it just arrive?


If it is from eBay, then it will probably just arrive. If from somewhere else, then you may get an email stating it was dispatched.

Edit: Sorry, just reread your post. I din't realise "my memory" was a company. Hopefully you will be notified.

They are based in Jersey - well that's where my latest order was sent from anyway. It took about 2 weeks to arrive, but think part of that is the Christmas post, things are taking ages to arrive.

Hi If your payment is still saying pending they have not retrieved payment yet email them and ask if there is a problem.


i ordered 3 games and they took about 8 or 9 days to arrive..... poor service

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my parnter ordred via paypal about october and he goes his with in 3 days thats why i was wonder i did email them and tried to phone them

They are small and it is christmas. Expect delays.

i ordered two memory cards from these money has been taken from my account. no cards have been sent. order on they website still says order pending.
hope this helps.
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