My mini Karate Kid Review.

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Found 29th Jun 2010
Initially I thought the film was just going to be another cheap remake of classic. My expectations of the film were not that high to admit. As I watched the film, I found myself sympathizing for the protagonist of the play. When I found myself sympathizing, I realised that it was a a well structured and thought out storyline because it makes the audience 'feel' for the character: My sign of a good film. After the film had finished, my reactions were: satisfied and surprised. Surprised of how the story of the film had depth and morals. I would recommend this film because I believe a lot of people my age would enjoy the themes of this film.

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A parody, but of which thread/post?

i agree, i didnt have high expectations for the film but i thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend others to watch it

should be called the kung-fu or wu-shu kid cos its set in China and the Jackie chan character doesn't teach him the japanese or okinawan art of karate.
thats just me being pedantic as a martial artist tho

I liked it because it was free

If they called it wu shu kid, they'd need to spend hundred of thousands on explaining to americans that this is a sequel and not a rip off of the karate kid....
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