My Mobile Monthly Bill Is Too High Can Anyone Advise?

    My current deal is Orange 3000 minutes @ £75 per month
    mormal monthly bill is around £320



    Are you saying you use too many minutes, the tariff is too expensive or they are over charging you?

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    My plan is EQ anytime Max talk and data minutes, I use approx 1,800 to 2,000 every month to landlines and mobiles with a tiny bit of phoning the Republic of ireland

    When your calling ROI, are you at home? If so, how about using Skype? That could cut the cost a bit. Normally calling abroad costs a fortune, try 96p on Voda to France!! This could be bumping the price up.

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    I call Ireland about 20 times per month, i dont think that it is this thats costing me. I seem to be charged all the time to other mobiles - could this be my problem?

    What does the bill say your biggest area of spending is on? Is it abroad? Landlines? Other networks? Can't help unless we know where to save you money.

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    It's not the orange deal above, I think my tarrfi is 3 years old but have never thought of chaning.

    looking at my bill, it is other mobiles that are the biggest spend.

    Should I be taking this up with orange? It appears that they have been happy to take my money every month when they probably have better deals.

    Yeah, if the tariff's that old then Orange is probably able to find you a better one. Or you could just start all over again with a new phone, contract, tariff, the lot.

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    Thanks everyone, had a look at your listings duckmagic, do you do well? have never used ebay for my stuff - too much to look at.
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