My monitor flashes on and off when I switch it on any ideas?

    sometimes it works fine but mostly it blinks on and off and occasssionaly works. You cannot see the screen and it is unstable. Any ideas of how to fix it or do I have to buy a new one? if I do will the one on hot deals be any good for £69? I have an HP pav 1523 at the moment.
    Ta, appreciate any replies.


    check the power cable at the back of the monitor

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    Thanks will do although it has never been moved.

    When ever I switch my HP on, the screen turns of for 2 seconds a little bit after start up, is this what you mean? either way I'm not sure how to fix it.

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    No mine yours is normal, mine literally flshes on and off.

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    check the power cable at the back of the monitor

    Done that, :oops: thanks for advice but it does not fix it

    omg, i had the same problem when i switch it on it usually stays on for a bit then would blink off when you try again to switch it on it comes on then off again its really annoting saved the bother and had a spare monitor and used that i had an epson monitor first

    it sounds like its getting old and the capacitors inside have started to dry out. so id say its on its way out. maybe a friend into electronics could sort it out but it wouldn't really be worth paying to get someone to look

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    Thanks I guess I will have to buy a new one, thanks for your help :oops:

    check the vga or dvi cable is in right or the live wire in the plug is in right.
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