My motorcycle has a puncture, is there a company that can come out and repair or replace the tyre?

i have called my insurance company but they wont help as my bike is at home, stupid really, i cant move the thing, I have breakdown cover but its not for if you are home.


do you really not know how to remove the wheel and take it to a tyre / bike shop ?

Where is the puncture? if its in the centre of the tyre (and not the sides), it may be repaired. You can get kits for about £10-£15…htm

You won't even have to remove the wheel. You'll need a footpump to blow up the wheel or you can buy the small CO2 cannisters.

were are you based and what type of bike

Just whip the wheel off and take it to get fixed :thumbsup:

was going to say, push it to the end of your road or something

Get some tyre weld in an aerosol and ride it carefully to a garage, it may well be cheaper.

ultraseal is your friend

Should invest in a socket sized for your rear and front axles, and get a set of stands, great to have ,handy for quick changes.
If it took your garage 40 mins to get a wheel off I would be going elsewhere, its like a 5 min job.
Ten maybe for a front. :thumbsup:

Is it just flat at the bottom?
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