My mums microwave packed in from comet so

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Found 25th Mar 2009
She gave them a call, (she bought it from their website) and asked them to pick it up and replace it. They have said because the item is under £100 she has to take it to the nearest store. Is this right, because its going to cost her going down in a taxi, which surely isnt right. If she paid to have it delivered then surely they should pick it up? Or am i wrong?


they did the same with us too and a DvD player though that cost around 150 ish.. said we had to take it in.


are they going to fix it or replace? how old?

I'd give them the bill for any transport needed to get the faulty item to them...

Don't shop at comet, thet are terrible with any appliance fault, My daughter was without a fridge over xmas. We won't be going there again, It took them nearly 2 months to sort the problems out, even didn't turn up on several occasions when they were suppose to!

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its about 6 months old, they said take it in and they will test it, then she could have it replaced or refunded
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