My name is Khan-what a movie!

    Anyone seen? Not the most obvious movie anyone would pick to go see at the cinema I spose because its subtitled and its bollywood. But its not traditional bollywood-no singing or dancing,just an amazing story,brilliantly acted.

    I spose it has a kinda forrest gump vibe to some of it.but it makes some good points about racism/unfounded hatred.

    Lasts 2 and a half hours,but mrs barky and I were totally gripped by it-recommended!


    I know alot of people who went to see it. Alot of mixed reviews also. I still havent seen it though! Think ill look into it

    Bollywood? Goodbye.........

    And I've changed my mind about you running the 'misc'.

    Sorry but I absolutely hated the movie... pretentious cr*p !!


    great first half an hour then tedious for an hour and the final half an hour was comedy gold (Was it meant to be?). SPOILER = Had me laughing out loud that a hurricane hit a town miles from his location yet he was the first one on site to wade through 4 foot of water to rescue them.

    Sentimental tosh like most things from bollywood. The main plus point was that they didnt do stupid dancing to horrendous music every 10 minutes.

    Just managed to watch it some decent parts but as usual some over the top Bollywood writing! I recommend people to check out A Wednesday which was excellent.

    There is dancing in it ]http//ww…EY8
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