My new sofa of dfs has destroyed my new Lino floor. What should I expect off them?

Posted 4th Jan 2015
My sofa was deliverd on 20dec14 my Lino was fitted the 23rd. I paid an extra 30£ to have eaziglide feet. Wich upon inspection are not there aswell as the feet being on backwards. (They don't sit flush to the floor.) when moving the sofa to clean under one of the feet ripped a right angled tear in the floor aswell as other marks where the other 3 feet are digging in. I paid 55£ for delivery and insulation. I still have receipts from my flooring. I rang the store and some one is coming out Friday. 9jan15. What should I expect off them? I want a new floor but why should I be met with the inconvenience to lift the old floor and move everything out again for the carpet men to have access. Aswell as me taking a day off for this inspector to come round. En I assume a day off when the floor gets fitted. Aswell as a day ripping up the old floor and preparing for the new 1. I feel like I got well and truly conned. 55£ for the, not to assemble the sofa right and trying to rob me of 30 for the feet. What should I do?
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