My New Triton Headset's Mic Isnt Working??

Found 28th Nov 2013
Hey everyone, jthanks to the Currys glitch i recieved my new Triton Kunai headset today, but for some reason my computer is not picking up the mic part of the headset? The sound is picked up fine like a normal pair of headphones i can listen to anything on the computer, but for some reason when i open an audio program to use the Mic, the Mic doesnt pick up the sounds i produce at all. Below is my main system specs:

Os - Windows 7 Ultimate Processor - AMD Athlon II x2 4400e @ 2.70GHz Ram - 4gb of DDR2 Ram Sound Card - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE Headset - TRITTON Kunai™ Stereo Gaming Headset for PC, Mac, and Mobile Devices

Not sure what the problem is. The Triton headset seems to be one of the later models as it only comes with 2 audio jacks (green and pinky/purple line). Put the Green line to the Green Jack and the Purple Pink line to the Red Jack., but no sound comes out. Scouted on Youtube for a solution, but to no avail. Looked under the Recording settings under the Sound settings of the Control Panel, and enabled and set the SB Audigy Microphone to default but nothing happens, the bars on the side of it dont pick up any sound at all when i speak into the mic. I have raised the sound levels to 100 through properties, and triple checked the mic is on. Nothing seems to work!!! Tried updating the driver but already up to date, tried switching the purplee/pink line into other jacks but nothing happened.

Please someone help me!
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Do you not have a pink jack in your PC? As that is for microphone.

The 3.5mm jack goes into the inline remote, that then plugs into the PC with the USB, the green (audio) and pink (microphone) jacks, correct?
The pictures I have seen of the connections are with a red and white audio jack. My Tritton Detonators also come with the red and white, I use a splitter to connect mine.

Just seen your using a sound card. Is this the correct one?
Try plugging the pink one into the blue jack on your sound card and the green one next to it. If that fails try the green and pink jacks on your motherboard.
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The 2nd pic is exactly the sound card i have. As for the headset itselt, it seems to be a newer model, as it only comes with an inlin e remote with a green and pinky/purplish jacks which go into the PC. There is no USB supplied on the headset at ll.

Thanks for the advice will give it a try once im back home
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