My new TV

    Does anyone know the correct format to tune in a TV? There is a method of setting brightness, contrast etc to achive the best picture,many thanks.


    Default settings work for me.
    It depends more on the surroundings where the TV is placed and how much light is in the room.
    If it is in a dark place you want the brightness down so that the TV doesn't dazzle you.
    If it is in a very well lit place then you want the brightness up so that the image doesn't appear faded.
    Contrast is more personal preference I think, but you want the blacks to be black but not so much that all other colours look to dark.

    No there isn't. It's all about personal preference. Although, it does work best, if you turn the colour right down to zero , and then adjust the contrast and brightness, as if it was a black and white set. Once you're happy with the picture, turn the colour up slowly, till you're comfortable.

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    Thanks for your replies, they were both very helpful

    Take a look on some of your dvd's (I assume you've got dvd's!) and see if any of them have the THX Optimizer.
    A couple of dvd's that I can think of off the top of my head are Eps 1,2 and 3 of star wars and Cars.
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