my options on buying a house?

hi people ive put a ad on here before, im looking at buying a house next year and looking at £75k with 10% deposit, now im think, i live in 2bedroom flat and looking for a swap for a house (council) but if i swaped then can i buy the council house as soon as i move? or do i have to wait?
also do you have to be with them so long before you have the right to buy? 8yrs ive been here,
and would i be looking that mark (75k) or alot cheaper?

could you give me advice thanks


you need to ask your council?

Price depends on the area you live in; my father in law can purchase his 3 bed semi council house for £110,000 but he's lived there 20+ yrs.
The longer you are with them the greater the discount I think but I'm not sure if you could buy as soon as you moved, the housing department should be able to answer all your questions though.
Good luck

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thanks been with council 8yrs but unsure if that would be great for me or try and get private?

Are you eligible?

If you have been a secure council tenant for at least two years (or five years if you became a tenant after 18 January 2005) you are likely to have the Right to Buy your council home at a discount.

If your were a secure tenant of a local authority and the ownership of your property was transferred to a housing association you may be eligible for a Preserved Right to Buy (PRTB) for your property. This will only apply if you are still the tenant of the same property before and after the transfer.

You do not have the right to buy if:

You do not have the right to buy if:

* you are an assured tenant of a registered social landlord (RSL) and do not possess a PRTB
* your home is rented in relation to your employment
* the courts have issued a possession order for you to leave your home
* you are undergoing bankruptcy proceedings
* you live in housing specially provided for older people and (in certain cases) disabled people

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This will only apply if you are still the tenant of the same property before and after the transfer.
so we cant then?
do to the above. we would be changing to a house
is this right?

Not sure on this, you'd best phone the housing department and ask them tomorrow.

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thanks people

I am pleased for you on the price. Down in Brighton prices start at £100k

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im in east mids so cheaper but unsure if to go private or council?
but would i save alot?
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