My partenrs sony k850i wont charge correctly,help

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Found 28th Dec 2008
Hi for some reason when my partner trys to charge up her sony k850i mobile it keeps beeping and saying optimized charging.the beeping doesnt stop and of course then the mobile doesnt charge.

is this a commong problem?would a software update fix it?thanks

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I bet its the charger, try blowing the contacts of the connections. Also try playing with the lead it could be something loose at the plug end or the phone end of the charger. I think they are quite cheap if not but theres two sony type chargers so make sure you buy the right model unlike me!

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tried that,also tried my k810 charger and still no good.

she is on contract with 3 network,does anyone know if they would repair it?

My gfs phone would do this. found tilting the charger up a little restored the charging

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3 are collecting it tomorrow for repairs,hopeully they just send a refurb back

mine does this also a k850i from 3 lol


Check all the golden pins that they are in the correct place. That happened to my phone, one pin which was supposed to be the longest that was the smallest so i used a tweaser to pull it out.
Hope this helps.
Monday .X.

change it or repair it from the shop
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