My paypal account has been suspended

Posted 23rd Dec 2016
Just got an email from

Accountsecurity. At.

Saying my pay pal account has been suspended.
Email wants me to confirm now , hyperlink points to
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I think it might be a PayPal scam.
its a fake

Log in to your account and see? sounds like nonsense and you aren't making much sense yourself!
How do these get through the yahoo spam filter
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Spam, you can forward it to PayPal to help stop spam.
Email address appears as PayPal but actual address is from

Accountsecurity. At.

Surely yahoo can block this
It's spam forward it to PayPal
I also got this email. Hit that delete button immediately and don't click any links within the email.
Got one few days ago and it had my name but its all fake

Forward the email to
and they will confirm its a fake

Never click anything from emails.
Email has my first name in message,
So looks like all the data from hacked systems is being put to use.
Thats why i Never give my real DOB to any system, unless its a bank
My mum gets these emails as well,
But she does not have a paypal account, so is easier to spot.

Email has my first name in message,So looks like all the data from hacked … Email has my first name in message,So looks like all the data from hacked systems is being put to use.Thats why i Never give my real DOB to any system, unless its a bank

yes this is what was strange with mine as well. As had real name and surname.
But it was fake and reporting it, got a receipt from paypal saying it was fake.

Never ever give you date of birth or mothers maiden name on the internet.
Everything else is available on the Electoral Register
Come on people, 8 year olds get internet safety lessons these days.
You would have to be extremely gullible to fall for this.

As Mulder said, "Trust no one"
It's a phishing site

If you've put your details into it, your details have now been stolen. If you even click it that can flag your email address as being active and put on 'potential suckers' lists meaning you get more spam.

Golden Rule: if in doubt go to what you know is the website rather than clicking the link (ie type if your account has any sort of weird status, it'll tell you when you log in..

For anyone who doesn't know, it's good to learn how Domain Names are structured. Phishing sites will try to trick you.

Here is how domains can be structured in a way to confuse you:

Always look for the domain.tld part of the domain and ignore everything else. Every other part of the URL can be customized by whoever is hosting the to anything they like. Look for the first '/' and look back from that. If it's legit you should recognise it:, etc. beware of slight variations that try to look legit: etc. No (sane) business would register a domain like that and link customers to it.

As a final precaution, if you've clicked a login link you should have a green padlock next to it and clicking or hovering over that padlock should tell you the business that has registered the site which should obviously be who you're expecting to own the site. Never ignore security warnings from the browser saying there's an issue with the security certificate.

How do these get through the yahoo spam filter

Until the last 24hrs I had noticed that my spam folder (in yahoo) was almost empty. The previous 2 months or so it's been very quiet in my spam folder - assuming Yahoo had done something extra to alleviate all the unnecessary carp. But in the last 24 hrs I had about 12 spam carp << maybe it was a blip in Yahoo's new tweak

or maybe it's just me who is extra special with decades of continuous use and they just look after my spam folder

However, if you would like me to check please email me your username and password, bank account and credit card details. I am very honest and I am a prince from the Nigerian royal family and my father recently died. If you wish I could transfer £437432762436972878326478462897462984762398476289432648973 to your account and give you £12535126735 for being so honest.
Always go on to the site that has sent you the email i.e. PayPal or eBay, and if there is a genuine problem it will tell you as soon as you log in. NEVER go via a link form the email!
I stopped reporting these to PayPal after they froze my account due to suspicious activity.

The suspicious activity was an email I had received, that I had forwarded to them. I assumed I was doing the right thing. Never again!

Delete and forget about it.
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