My Pc keeps making a funny noise????? help!!!!

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Found 23rd Mar 2007
My pc keeps making like a clicking noise, it was doing it constantly b4 and i turned a process off called RUread or something i cant really remember.... ive ran avg and nothing came up.....but ive never heard it b4 in any of my pc's it kinds sounds like the cd rom starting up then a click but ive opened all my drives when its happening but its not the cd roms.....its still doing it..doing my head in.....anyone?


is it one of the fans? if a wire (or any other part of your PC) is in the way a fan will "click" against it as it spins. This could be a case fan, GFX card fan or the PSU fan.

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dont think it sounds like that...kinda sounds like the hdd is being read or something..

could still be the fan/wire problem though...sounds similar

are you ok with opening the computer up and looking?

open the task manager to see what applications are running.

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blaero start orb???? WTF is that? lol

yeah i built my pc so im cool opening it up..already had a look and wires are all still tied...nothing loose

the R/W heads on Hard disks can make a clicking sound when they start to fail...

Click Start - Run - type in eventvwr.msc - press ok and double click on system.

Organise the events by source and see if you have any events from where the source is 'disk'

'Warning' event types can be OK and sorted by a chkdsk /f but 'Error' events usually mean there is a physical problem with your disk and it's time to start backing up your data...

Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

Edit: to run a chkdsk go to start - run type in 'chkdsk /f' - press ok and you should be prompted to choose 'y' to run a chkdsk when you reboot.

blaero start orb???? WTF is that? lol

Are you running Vista?
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