My Pet Hate...

    I get so annoyed placing an order for example... then at the end they say " we have some special offers today blah blah would you like me to add them to your order" They flow straight into sales pitch its so irritating. However the worst is when I ring my bank for account info etc..and they always try getting me to have a credit card or upgrade my account!!
    I am now reluctant to ring them incase they bombard me anymore... Credit card? NO i dont have credit cards! END OF! ohh what about a personal loan.... NO I have NO LOANS thank... oh and I see you could benefit from upgrading your account... NO i wont pay 19quid a month for your platnum! When my account is FREE!!

    It seems they want to get me into debt! Once they should ask you then mark it on the screen you have been asked so for at least another year you dont get bothered again!



    platinum accounts have lots of perks that if you need them work out muxh more expensive than £19 a month.. also they usually give a better rate of intrest or give you access to exclusive savings accounts with better rates of intrest... they cost money for a reason!

    plus. I used to make loads of commission at a clothes store in Oxford St convincing customers to buy heaps more stuff than they came in for... but I hate it in shoe shops when they try to sell you polish!

    Yeah so true, but you have got to laugh at them, they are only doing there job...

    Original Poster

    yeah, but its frustrating! lol
    I bet they hate doing it though... I bet they hear my sigh as they break into the sales pitch!

    ringing the helpline and speaking to someone who you cant understand

    I used to work for Claires accsessories and we had to offer everyone the cheap tat on offer at the till. I despised asking. If they want it they'll buy it! I had Everest ring me constantly about new windows etc, in the end I said I was dead. They appologised and haven't rang since. Not nice but it worked.

    Pet hate: When I get my credit card statement every month they add in a page with 4 cheques with my name on. No I don't want them, no I don't need them and I think it's naughty trying to make it so easy to rack up loads of debt. I only use my credit card for online purchases or big purchases and pay it off in full every month but for those that don't, putting the cheques in there makes it too simple to use them and be ripped off.
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