my petrol costs seem very extreme,swap to deisel better option?

Found 14th Jan 2008
Hi, i have a vaxhall astra 1.6 club 5 years old about 58000 on the clock, i dont really do long runs at all but always short runs to school, shopping, etc.Just lately however i fill the car about £47 and i roughly get 260 miles out of that costing me about 18p a mile and its killing me.I am really considering swapping to a deisel car but not sure,has anybody else got a simaler car to me and whats your cost roughly,or any other recommendations .cheers
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Hi, i was thinking the same about my petrol costs the other day as i too only do the school run and shopping and was asking my mother in law who has the same car as me but diesel version and she said that the costs are pretty much the same with hers as ours. I have heard that diesel is supposed to be cheaper to run but she doesnt find that the case with her car anyway,
if you're after good economy, look out for newer cars with 1.4 HDi engines, most of them get over 60mpg
we got a diesel picasso last year and you do get more mileage however since we got it the cost of diesel is rising and rising. Its about 1.08p a litre for diesel where I am so is more expensive than unleaded. We use pretty similar to yourself school run, shopping etc. we spend probably 20-30 a week plus its only about 120 a year in car tax.
I have a friend with a 1.9 turbo vw golf diesel and she seems to be getting around 500 mile when filling up for £50 for doing simaler runs so she says.Well as you can see thats around half im paying unless maybe shes got that a little wrong.I could get around £2600 for me current car and only want to really add £1500 on top max to get a more efficient car just trying to figure out if its worth it as only had car 2 years and cost my £4500
The cost of servicing a diesel car is often more than the petrol equivalent. Capital costs and consequently depreciation can also be higher. Generally it is only worthwhile choosing one if you cover at least 12000 miles annually.

I have a 1.9 VW td that costs me 8p a mile for fuel driven carefully. With your kind of usage this would probably rise to 9p. But the less obvious costs for servicing and replacement that make direct comparison difficult.

plus its only about 120 a year in car tax.

The mrs. Citroen C1 is £35 tax/year
The car is also used every afternoon for the girlfriends job as care assistant (house to house calls) which is obviously where its costing a lot,thats why a change of car could be justified.Its costing us about £50 a week in petrol altogether.Its only a part time job and you do get an allowence which we believed was cash back at end of year,but turned out it was only a additional tax allowence and she dosent work any extra hours to benefit this.
I have a vector 1.8 it has been factory fitted by Vauxhall from new to run on lpg had it for three years and has saved me a small fortune at only 43p per litre and the road tax at £140 might be worth thinking about (had the car for three years servicing is at normal price for Vauxhall and nothing else has gone wrong yet touch wood) when i first purchased the car i took it on a test run to taunton from leicester filled up in leicester @ £17 for a full tank 45 litre approx got to taunton filled up again £6 fair enough i did a very steady 60-65 all the way just to see what it could do

any idea how much thats costs to fit imortal can you explain a bit more about it.Is it a kind of green fuel? Cheers
They say that unless you do more than 20,000 (might be different now due to price rises) miles a year you won't fully benefit from owning a diesel car. so you would have to get a diesel car that does a lot more mpg than the petrol equivalent to benefit. However, as mentioned before, Hdi (For Peugeot, I'm not sure what the other manufacturers equivalents are called) model cars can do up to 70MPG which should save you a lot of money!

Hope this helps,

You have to cost in other costs as well , not just the fuel , to determine your cost per mile. Eg. the extra cost for the car purchase , diesel may have more frequent car service than petrol. Diesel engines tend to demand more frequent oil change. All in all , you may find that the cost difference is not as much as you think but a possible significant saving. You will also find servicing costs will differ whether it is a diesel or petrol. But in principle, just based on the fuel alone you are expected to save between 50% to 80% fuel cost. In the old says it was certainly true that unless that you were a high miler (average mileage had always been 10,000) so > 20,000 a year you would not see financial benefit by going diesel if you bought a new car . However today it is very different, say, for the Audi the diesel 1.8 litre is actually a bit cheaper than the petrol version to buy new. And as for the servicing: - my old Audi A6 - petrol service schedule , renew oil and oil filter every 10,000 miles, diesel service schedule, every 5,000 miles. Each oil change is £100 from a main dealer, £60 from an independent. So this extra service alone you need to save £60 per 5,000 miles to recover your extra service cost. Immediately this extra service wipes 10% fuel efficiency saving off that 50% to 80% saving. You may also need an extra turbo unit instead of just having fuel injection as in the case of petrol. When this turbo unit fails, another £500 you have to shell out. And if you bought a new or second hand diesel same price or less than that for the petrol equivalent then you could expect to save up to £300 per year (this calculation based on 10,000 per year,, petrol version runs 40 mpg and diesel one run 60 mpg (or 30 mpg versus 40 mpg for urban driving) and diesel is 5% more expensive than petrol and that you have one more oil service). Diesel cars may be one insurance group lower than the petrol version.

Here is the ball park AA Guide ]http//ww…tml

any idea how much thats costs to fit imortal can you explain a bit more … any idea how much thats costs to fit imortal can you explain a bit more about it.Is it a kind of green fuel? Cheers

mine was fitted from new by vauxhall i got the car 2 years old for £4500 only done 20000 miles at the time i have just got it upto 80000 so with a very quick calculation the car is almost paid for itself :thumbsup:

it is a greener fuel better for the enviroment than diesel, it needs petrol for the engine to start but once its warmed up it changes to the lpg

i think prices start from around £1250 for the actual conversion or something around that figure, if i remember right if your car is under 5 years old you can get a goverment grant of around £750 for the conversion. Will have a google and post my finds back here
just got a quick quote of the green fuel company would be £1821 to convert and think car is in 6 year old bracket too,so goverment grant would prob be out the question.I would save in the end but prob after about 2-3 years so maybe not worth it,but thanks for letting me know
[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]if your car is under 5 years old you can get a goverment grant of around £750 for the conversion. Will have a google and post my finds back here[/COLOR]

sorry no grants avail but autotrader has a section of lpg cars worth a look if you are thinking of changing your motor
Golf TDI'S are good for fuel and are kinda fast also a vw bora tdi.
Using your car for short trips can be a cause of increased petrol usage as around towns you are constantly stopping and starting and more petrol is required when accelarating.

I find sticking to the speed limits can really help as you get better miles per gallon at 30 or 60.
I have a Kia Carens Deisel and fint that it gets the same milage as the petrol
For short runs, i can't see switching to a diesel making all that much of a difference. I suppose it depends on what size diesel you go for?

I have a Mercedes C Class Sports Coupe which is a 2.2 Turbo Diesel.

Driving around town i average around 25mpg...but on long journeys on the motorway, this goes up to 45mpg

Getting a car with an on dash mpg indicator is a great help. Ever since i have had one, it has made me much more concious about how i drive.
You want a VAG range TDI - (VAG consists of VW, SEAT, SKODA & AUDI).

Obviously, VW & AUDI's will cost more to purchase, so get a SEAT or SKODA.

I have a SEAT Leon FR TDI, and it's remapped to 200bhp - yet I average between 45-50 mpg. Best I have had (driving it sensibly) is 61mpg on a 23 mile trip (mixed motorway & town).

Some of the stuff on here is bad advice. In general, diesels will cost you more to purchase than it's petrol equivalent, but it will old it's value better, and save you money in the long run.

Diesels do not cost more to service than petrols (£120-£160 per year ave from a dealer - cheaper if you get it done in a local place).

Tax is cheaper (mines £125, the same model petrol for my car is over £220)

I easily get 500 miles from a £50 fill up, and thats not driving slow either, I do like to give mine a good run out.

The engine on a diesel will last forever - dont be put off by purchasing a car with 80k miles on, this is the point where the diesel engine is just getting broken in.

All you need to do is to make sure it has a full service history, and get someone mechanically minded to give it the once over & you'll be fine.
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