My picture is not showing in search in eBay how do I fix it?

    I have done it loads of times and I cannot remember. All I have is a grey picture in search, I know there is a place where you put in the number of listing and it fixes the picture. Any ideas?? ta as always


    when you say in search, do you mean your gallery image?

    you need to go into the item in your 'my ebay page' - click on edit listing
    then upload the image you want where it says do so.

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    Hello thanks for your reply, no its not that, I know you can change pic etc but there is a facility where you put in the item number and it fixes the picture it is not in the normal place in "edit listing" just forgtten how to get there. It is not the gallery pic, the pic is showing if you open the listing it is in the search facilty it doesn't show.

    whats the item number? maybe if we see it we can understand your question and be able to help out :thumbsup:

    i had this a while bach
    I changed the title and then no picture ?.
    Ebay said that when you change someting on listing can take 2/3 hours to get it
    I kept changing things till it worked not much help i know but..
    It worked for me.

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    Its OK wanted to tell a friend but she has sorted it many thanks for your help appreciate it. Rep added to all ta
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