My playstation refuses to play divx now :(

    For some reason my ps3 wont play divx now,when i put them in the console is says not supported,im using nero to burn them and im burning them as a data disk like i always used to.anyone else have this problem?ive done all the console updates too



    i read some place that some films are called divx but are instead xvid and the ps3 does not support these, could this be the reason?
    i could be wrong was a few months back when i read that.


    PS3 supports XVID too.

    Mine plays 99% of them.

    Have you got the latest updates? V2.35 i believe.

    Original Poster

    yeh using the latest update

    get a xbox lol



    get a xbox lol

    Is it xbox fanboy day today or something? :roll:

    Check the file on your PC first use a prog called Gspot (free) to check it for you.


    Is it xbox fanboy day today or something? :roll:

    everyday is xbox fanboy day lol



    everyday is xbox fanboy day lol

    touche :thumbsup:



    The Xbox 360 can't even play .mkv files, how poor can it be :).

    Surely the PS3 can't handle matroska :w00t:

    It happens to mine to me with all 3 avi divx xvid and i'm not sure why but i use ALL to AVI to convert it (even tho they are already avi and Divx) and they work. It also coverts mkv, rmvb, and many other formats to avi. Its a freeware here is the link:…tml . A handy little tool!

    It wasnt working with vista if you double clicked the short cut, you have to right click icon and run as administrator, not sure why.

    Also why are you burning your avi's to disc, when you can watch them straight from a flash drive. i got a 8gb flash for entire seasons of tv series.

    ive had some that work and some that dont, i thought id read that it was something to do with the newer codec magiggy , ps3 will play newer divx but perhaps not the older divx- thats what i assumed anyhow -as all newer films work and it was only a couple of older ones that didnt
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