My Post Randomly Disappears?

    I posted a deal yesterday on the Android app, and noticed a couple of minutes later that it had disappeared. I tried again, thinking that it could just be dodgy signal (previous posts had taken 30 mins to respond), but no luck once again.

    I came on the forums, and found that a PM might have been sent. I checked my PM inbox, but there was only a message for a Watch_Dogs deal that I had posted. (A user had reported that the deal was already there, which I was not aware of at the time.) The post was for a free song on Google Play, I'd checked and this was the proper version, so I can't understand why my post was discarded twice. I'm not in any way afflicted with Google or the artist (I'm not saying which song in case I can post the deal in the end!)



    Looks like it was 'randomly' spammed.


    Hi your thread was member spammed as a duplicate…764

    we do advise members to do a duplicate search before posting - NB the quick search defaults to deals so you would then need to select freebies forum once your search results were displayed or alternatively use the advanced search.
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