My private island deal that got deleted...

    Cast me down for having a little bit of fun, but I thought £120,000 for a private island was a pretty good price. Cheaper than a house for goodness sake. It got made hot but then promptly deleted as people reported it as 'spam'.…htm

    Don't get me wrong, HUKD is an awesome site, but there's too many people sat here just waiting to vote anything cold that doesn't suit their bank balance or needs. Find a DVD that's over £5? Expect it to get -100. Post food that somebody doesn't like? Oh, they'll vote it cold!

    Sorry, had to get that off my chest ;X



    if it isnt seen as spam by the mods it should be put back

    Looks like a good deal to me!

    It wasn't was expired. I bought it. :w00t: ;-)

    I thought it was quite interesting, 120k for a 17 acre island - less than the average house price.

    I too thought it was an interesting item.

    Just before it got deleted Gary_RIP mentioned that it had been spammed because it should have been in Misc rather than Deals.

    Not really spam seeing as is is an item that is actually for sale.
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