My property menus are knackered, please help!

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Found 3rd Jan 2008
Whenever I try to save a file or change properties etc the menus have gone all weird and unreadable! Thought I might have a worm or something so I performed a virus scan which came back with nothing.

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When did you notice this? If I were you I would do a system restore to a point where you know it was ok. It could also be spyware or a toolbar causing it. Download Ad-Aware SE (search google) and run it.

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Only noticed it today, was previously fine. Ran Ad-Aware and it said I had 643 (!) infections, but nothing critical? I ran a system restore, and that did nothing.

have you applied a theme? Is it only these options?

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It's every options menu i.e. File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks et al in Firefox and for every other program as well. I haven't applied a theme either.

It looks to me like there has been a theme change (maybe it was done by accident) as your tabs have all gone miniture and the colours are all shot to bits. It could be you have installed a screensaver or alike that takes over your PC - I am clutching at straws here.

Can you do a system restore to a few days ago?

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The problem has been resolved, but i had to completely reboot my laptop to do it. Luckily I had all my pictures/music/work backed up so I didn't lose it all. Thanks for helping!
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