My Ps3 has died and i've lost my GameCare Warranty and Receipt, What can i do?

Found 30th Sep 2010
Hi my console has just died and i want to send it back to game for repair as i took out gamecare warranty, however i've lost my receipt and documentation for my warranty.

Will they still accept it?
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you could try phoning them.. might be able to tell by batch numbers... but to be honest that seems a bit of a longshot.

goodluck mate
Credit card statement could show the transaction?
I know they can track i purchased the ps3 on my game card, but im just worried they'll say i dont have the warranty?

Has anyone else tried to claim insurance with lost documentation?

As someone mentioned above, how did you pay for your gamecare plan. Did you pay using card, because a bank statement would show that you bought it and that should be enough.
When i've taken it out ive been told that i just need my gamecard, not the receipt.
"My PS3 had died"

Had? Has it come back to life?

"My PS3 had died"Had? Has it come back to life?

lol just changed it.

And i dont know if gamecare is associated with my game card. Would it?

I paid via card so im gonna have to seek out some old bank statements
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