My PS3 Has Got The Flashing Red Light, Anyone Have A Repair Guide?

    My Ps3 seems to have died and doesn't seem to be an overheating or a HDD issue, so wondering if anyone has found or bought a PS3 repair guide for the flashing red light.
    Sony have quoted a replacement unit at £131 and i feel that is ridiculous so if i'm able to attempt a repair i will
    Thanks in advance


    its YLOD. do a search online, i beleive it may be the cpu or gpu that has broke.

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    I've got the same problem after trying a YLOD fix twice,
    not sure where to go from here.....

    Sell it is a hissy fit and get a 360. Always happens on each side only for people to turn back to their original console. So many are set on there choice and thats how fan boys are born.
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