My PS3 Has YLOD - What Can I Do...

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Found 31st Jan 2010
Hi All

I bought my 60gb PS3 about 2 years ago now and this morning it has got the YLOD ?! Obviously it is out of warranty now.

I've done a little searching online today to find out some people had to pay for a replacement, some got a like-for-like replacement FREE despite being out of warranty.

I phoned Sony a little while ago and was told i have to pay £131 to replace it!!

I am VERY p*ssed off now because i paid £400 for it, aswell as buying downloaded games on it, only for it to last a couple of years! Another great value service from Sony...

As i am aware this is a common fault on the 60gb model, sowhy should i have to buy another which will prob take the same route?

Is there anything i can do?

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was it new when you bought it.

sorry to hear that mate but i think you can transfer your psn content on to the replacement ps3

not alot, unless you want to try go down the consumer goods act, i'll try find the link to another thread about it

There are 2 links about it here:]http//ww…-mi

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was it new when you bought it.

Yes mate, bought brand new from Woolworths (...)


sorry to hear that mate but i think you can transfer your psn content on … sorry to hear that mate but i think you can transfer your psn content on to the replacement ps3

Not toooo fussed about - more fussed about the fact i have this expensive piece of equipment which only lasted just over 2 years, being hit by a common fault

Had the same problem...s with my 360, 5 gone wrong in 3 years bloody stupid

If no joy with Sale of Goods etc and you're handy with a screwdriver and can get hold of a heat gun, you could try fixing it yopurself. Checkout the videos on YouTube. Not fot the faint hearted mind you.

My mate fixed his...but it only lasted a day (long enough for him to get his COD4 disk out tho) !

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Sales of Goods Act sounds good option. however, it also mentions that it helps if i paid for it with credit card, that i can claim off that. However, it bought with my debit card - do i have any similar preotection with my debit card like credit card?

No credit card has more protection than a debit card sadly

In regards to people getting a like for like free replacement I believe people achieved this by exploiting their continuous play scheme that they had going on and, for some period of time Sony replacing out of warranty units as "a gesture of good will" (since they stopped the continuous play scheme).

People would exploit the service and the "gesture of good will" thereafter by calling Sony customer services and telling them their PS3 is faulty which they got free (be it from a mobile phone contract or otherwise) and therefore have no receipt.

Don't know whether or not Sony have wised up to this seeing for I recall someone starting a thread here asking about an ebay listing where someone was offering a service to pick up a broken PS3 and replace it with a new one.

Another member (who commented on the aforementioned thread) was the actual person who informed those reading about this, I am merely recollecting (barely) what was said.

In regards to what you can do I would advise to have it fixed by Sony themselves - this is because the YLOD is identified as a general hardware failure which, DIY fixes enables the PS3 a second life but in most cases a temporary one - only benefit I would imagine is that one would be able to recover their save data and any photos/videos that have been copied to the PS3 hard drive.

This is further suggested by that watchdog episode that, after pressure by Sony to clarify on their report told viewers that out of the 16 or so PS3s that they themselves had fixed, some of them broke once again.

Additional (and frankly more accurate than my ramblings) information:…-uk…tml

Good luck in what you end up doing.


i had a 60Gb mate from the USA, mine got YLOD and sony would not even fix it because it was imported haha i got a new 80gb one and i thought i will try and fix the 60gb, i fixed it and it worked perfectly so if i was you i would try and fix instead of paying or even sell it and put money to a slim :-D
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