my saw5 dvd arrived today

    what did everyone else think of it? watched it tonight and it seems to explain how they set some of the earlier traps up and why some of the characters get involved but not much else. still nearly made me sick though which i find strange as its not as gory as the others but i was fine watching them


    Awful mess of a movie (although not as bad as 4!!)
    Time to call it a day but i suspect they'll keep rolling them out.

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    well theres deffo 6, which will explain the box his wife got and what happens the the police officer at the end of 5. i think is wife is going to be the main storyline in number 6. maybe she somehow gets involved in the games

    got halfway through 2 - no more

    I was really disappointed with saw 5. Annoyed how they are still trying to string out the exact same storyline. Nothing of interest has happened since 2 or 3 at a stretch.
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