My sky HD is broken !!!!

    Hi all
    Wonder if anyone can help? I have an intermittant problem with a sky HD box I bought off email at the start of the year. The remote refuses to work, and I have to turn off an on the sky HD box several times, before it starts working.
    I called sky, who will not servise it as I didn't get it from them - but offerred me the option to buy a new box for £99 + £50 installation. Except when I called back to take them up on that they told me it was £199 + £50 to install
    Has anybody got any ideas how to fix - or where I can get a box that works - before I loose the will !!!

    Thanks JD


    threat to cancel and go to cable

    try getting a new remote (from a friend) and see if its not the remote that's faulty (i.e which stops working and starts working again after a while: in which time you reboot the box many times ...)

    Search on the digital spy forums, or google for 'Planner Rebuild' for instructions. If this fails, pull power cable out, wait 2 mins, and plug back in whilst holding backup down. This will force a software update which may cure it.(wait at leat 15 mins for this to complete) 3rd option is a reinstall, again, search on google (its in the same hidden menu as planner rebuild), but with this option you will lose your stored programs. These are all worth trying before you write it off. Hope this helps


    if your near finishing your 12 month contract threaten to cancel,and say i,m not willing to pay for repair etc,if all else fails you can always look on ebay for a replacement box


    Original Poster

    Thanks all much appreciated will try - rep added to all, even you magicbeans

    our local Curry's were advertising them at half price £75 outside the shop. As I do not know anything about it , it maybe worth while contacting your local store

    Being as though your payinf for sky HD should they not offer you the replacement box thing, it costs around 65 quid i think but my parents have done this with sky plus they didnt buy from sky....

    its the same when my remote packed in with my normal sky box, they told me to replace it would cost around 20-30 quid lol, you can pick exactly the same model for half that, so if u can and all else fails, i would look elsewhere for hd box rather than pay silly price of a new one

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    great thanks all
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