my sky+ series link has stopped working!

    I usually have 5 tv shows on sky link and i noticed 3 of them had gone suddenly over the weekend after they had recorded the shows. 2/3 of them I found the shows had moved time slots which is fair enough but there is one that remains the same time )twice a day every weekday) I watched the one i had already taped and then tried to record and series link the next one but it just wasnt offering me a series link whereas other shows still offer one?! im confused!!


    sure its not the end of the series?

    some boxes r playing up.

    Original Poster

    no its not the end of the series its on at exactly the same time everyday nothing at all has changed! weird! hopefully my box isnt faulty i just turned down optional insurance =(

    Sky replaced my father in laws faulty Sky+ box last year for free and funnily enough my brothers today, they tell you you must buy a new box for £50, just tell them you'll go with cable and hey presto, they offer a new box for free fitted within a day or two.

    Good Luck

    mines doing it stopped tapping wwe raw and smackdown on same time every week
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