My son met Lewis Hamilton today!!!!

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Found 20th Jun 2009
We were lucky enough to be in a suite at silverstone today and after a little wandering about I managed to get my son (age 5) in front of lewis, who I may add was an absolute star!!!! such a nice guy, he shook my little ones hand and took time out to say hello, im proud as punch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok so his car may not be up to much but doesnt make him a bad driver, just a really nice guy!!!!!

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WOW, that's a rocking thing to tell, I bet your littly is over the moon, … WOW, that's a rocking thing to tell, I bet your littly is over the moon, not to mention yourself!!

you better believe it, well for me anyway, my little one thought it was normal, but he has been a few times and doesnt know how special it is, but I do!!!!!

coool... he's gorge xx

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coool... he's gorge xx

haha dunno about that, but wow!!!!!

Who is he ??


Who is he ??

lol...... nice one

wow thats awesome

i used to go 2 school with him but he was a year up frm me nice lad tho and his dad is always shopping in the local waitrose poor bloke dont get left only by random strangers

Was your son the only person behind him in line? :whistling:


Shame it wasn't Jenson Button, theres something about Lewis I don't like- too squeeky clean

I met Jenson!!

We won gold tickets to an autograph session to meet all the drivers, we were told we would met 10 then if we queued up again they would swap over and we would meet the other 10. However when it finally got to our turn only Jenson and Heidfeld were they all the others had been and gone. We were half way in the queue and Jenson stayed and meet everybody.

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we saw JB last year at the honda factory tour, but didnt meet him.

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we also saw kimi and fellippe, but not to talk to, i was too busy with the santander girls!!!! yip yip yip
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