My tomtom is "dead" - are they fixable?

Found 28th Jun 2009
I've got an old tomtom 910 which has been excellent but it has just died on me.

I've tried resetting it with a paper clip and it worked briefly but when it came on it showed a flat battery despite it being charged all day - the green light was on.

Now when I reset it nothing happens although I am not sure if this is because it isn't charging at all or just knackered.

Does anuyone know if they are fixable or is it likely to be too expensive.

The machine is a good one with bluetooth and worldwide maps etc so I am loathed to just bin it.

I'm in Lancashire if anyone knows anywhere local.

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perhaps the lithium internal battery needs replacing
Thanks choc - any idea how to do it - I guess google may be the answer!

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Thanks choc - any idea how to do it - I guess google may be the … Thanks choc - any idea how to do it - I guess google may be the answer!Rep added

Best to Google your model :? but they'd probably do it in Halfords for you
i contacted tom tom when one of my go 300's went wrong,they sent packaging and said if they could fix it they would and would let me know how much it would be,they returned it all fixed with no charge ! so that was really good service i thought:),so you could try that and hope they dont charge you:-D
Many thanks choc, but the video looks terrifying for a ludite like me!

Housefan, wow that is great service - was it still in warranty though? Thanks
no i had bought it second hand on ebay ! the problem sounds like yours green light on but no start up,you can get the number to ring from the website,good luck:)
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Hi I also had my Tom Tom fixed it was out of warranty they never asked for any proof of purchase even though I had it. They sent me all the packing and I had it back in 3 days at no cost:thumbsup:
It's probably the battey. My 920 was the same works fine now with a new battery.
cheers guys, I will phone tomtom tomorrow - radiocde did you do it yourself or send it away?
I have a number for a guy who repairs tomtoms...i'll pm you his details....your gonna laugh at this...hes called TOM. He's in lancashire has a place in manchester area....
I found the instructuons online. And did it myself. I haven't got the links now sorry. If you do it yourself don't do it on the floor with a four year old "helping"
Thanks guys, think I may need to borrow the 4 year old, sure they will have a far better idea than me!

Not a good weekend, also mananaged to "total" my 2 day old c905 on the same day.

Guess I am going to be on first name terms with the customer service teams by the end of tomorrow.
With the x10's it's almost certainly the battery..they all die after a few years.

I've got a 510 that suffered the same problem (the 510 and 910 are identical except for the hdd in place of the SD), it's litterally a 10 minute job to change the battery and its pretty difficult to screw it up..

I paid about £6 on ebay for the battery, and it just clips into the board (though you do have the take the whole thing apart to get inside.. and pay attention to the mechanism for the eject button when you are dismantling as thats the hardest bit to get back together.)

I've fixed a few x10's and while about 95% of the problems with those symptoms are battery related you sometimes see the same symptoms when its just gone nuts... the only solution is to keep turning it on (and itll go straight off), and just keep repeating until the battery is totally dead.. then leave it sitting for a week or so.. then hold the reset button for 30 or so seconds and try turning it on again just to make sure its flat.. then charge it up (or disconnect the battery for a few days)
If you decide you cant be bothered to get it fixed.. youll still make a lot on ebay selling that if you describe the problem as the 910 is still without a doubt the best tomtom available.

That will get snapped up on ebay by someone who can fix it. (me if i spot it on there)
Maybe it's just me but ...!

Just had a bill from TomTom for 50 euros, maybe I was too honest and said it was out of guarantee.

To be fair £35 for a fixed TomTom 910 beats the alternative hands down.

I would probably have wrecked it "fixing" it myself.
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