My vibration in my wirless controller is broke

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Found 1st Jul 2007
Any ideas how to fix?? the battery is full.


I think you need to give a bit more information. I have no idea what you're talking about I'm afraid.


Xbox 360?
Ps3 - well it dont vibrate

some games u gota go on the options and turn on vibration try that

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Sorry its xbox 360 wireless controller, just stopped working randomly the other day, vibration is on in the options.

Just hate it when the vibrations in my gadgets go

Don't know anything about these.

Does it have a removable battery ? If so try removing it for a 10mins or so and see if that 'resets' the controller.

How old is the controller?

Could just be that its packed up.


Just hate it when the vibrations in my gadgets go



I read this title wrong. :giggle:

Try the 'fix it' technique passed down my family for generations - Smash it against the wall. If that fails, buy another one.


I read this title wrong. :giggle:

So did I!!!! :-D

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What did everyon read it as

Is there any evidence of the motor spinning or does it seem completely dead? Perhaps you could hold it against your ear when it should vibrate...


What did everyon read it as


I only read the first bit :

"My vibration in my..........."

You can guess the last bit! :giggle:

:? Key ^^

Just a guess ... but try putting in brand new batteries. Perhaps the battery in there has enough power to use the controller, but not enough power to vibrate in the game.

Otherwise I think the vibrate function is nackered.

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Nah its rechargable pack you can buy, i have 2 and neither work.
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