My Voipcheap/Voipdiscount/etc accounts blacklisted

    Well... looks like I need to find new VoIP provider.
    I signed for VoipDiscount and added 10 EUR using my Paypal account. Unfortunately, when I added funds for second time, their system said something about Paypal fraud and my account was disabled. Not only that, they also disabled ALL my accounts with Betamax (that's, and Voipdiscount)...

    Needless to say, their customer service is non-existant. I complained to them several times, but nothing was done so far.

    Anyone knows how can I initiate chargeback on Paypal?


    I don't understand this. Did the Paypal payment clear OK? Did you fund both payments with a credit/debit card, Bank or cleared funds?

    Ooooops, Sorry I forgot the link:oops: :-

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    I don't understand this. Did the Paypal payment clear OK? Did you fund … I don't understand this. Did the Paypal payment clear OK? Did you fund both payments with a credit/debit card, Bank or cleared funds?

    Well.. here is what happened:
    1. I added 10 EUR to my account. Money was cleared OK and it was added to Voipdiscount account.
    2. I had a long distance call, after which there was only 4 EUR left. So I decided to add some more money.
    3. I added anothe 10 EUR using the same Paypal account. It was cleared OK.
    4. Five minutes later I received an email from Paypal which said that money was refunded due to Betamax policy of not allowing two different Paypal accounts on single Voipdiscount account as it might be a fraud.
    5. I logged into my Paypal account and found that they refunded BOTH transactions. But on Voipdiscount it still showed 4 EUR credit.
    6. Then phone went dead and "Buy more credit" button disappeared.
    7. Today they banned ALL my accounts with Betamax despite my emails explaining what happened and asking them (politely!) to re-enable my accounts and to accept money back.

    Oh and monies on Paypal were from Quidco. So yes, cleared funds.

    You added funds to your Paypal account to pay them? So it was not a credit card funded payment? Was the payment backed by a debit card?

    You cannot start a dispute if they have refunded you in full, in fact refunded you more than they should have.

    Have they not responded to your emails? Do you have Message Tag?

    I've just read your edit.
    I cannot think of anyway that Paypal can help, you have been refunded so they will not get involved.

    If they will not reply to an email I would use the 'send money' tab in Paypal and send them 50p (Or Euro equivalent) and put as much info in the message box. Send the money to the same email address as the other payments went to.

    You may want to consider downloading Message Tag:-
    You would know that an email you have sent has been read. I use it all the time and best of all it's free. :thumbsup:

    Sorry I can't be more help. :oops:

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    It was Quidco payment and monies were sitting on my Paypal account for a couple of weeks.
    As to credit/debit card - I haven't got a clue how Quidco is paying to Paypal.

    As to refund I didn't explain myself properly. When my account with Voipdiscount was blocked, I opened another one, this time with Voipcheap and paid 10 EUR into it (stupidly) using Paypal. And this account was blocked today as well. I still have 10 EUR sitting there - that's what I want to get back.

    I understand that they refunded my Voipdiscount twice and that was by mistake. I offered them to adjust my accounts (basically, to take 6 EUR off VoipCheap and transfer it to VoipDiscount) or to allow me to do so. Still no response. I know, I am not talking about big money here but it is a matter of principle.
    I don't like when someone is telling me that I am committing some kind of fraud. Where I actually wanted to pay them!

    As to message tags - no, they don't issue ones. You can only contact them via webform and that's it.

    I'll be back tomorrow with some ideas hopefully but in the meantime you have their email address, it's the same one the paypal payment went to.

    It will have been a 'cleared funds' payment you made.

    Look on the paypal receipts you have for this transaction. It will show you their email address.

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    Dang! I completely forgot about it! Thanks, just forwarded them an email I sent earlier to customer service. Hopefully they would respond to it.

    [SIZE=2]Have you sorted this out? ;-) [/SIZE]

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    Nope. No reply from them, no emails, no phone calls, nothing.

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    Filed a complaint today via Paypal. It'll be interesting to see their response now.
    Meanwhile I switched to UK VoIP company with proper support. They are a bit more expensive but they are soooo much better! Buy British, etc

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    Received an email from Voipdiscount a couple of days ago stating that my accounts were unblocked. Then it took'em a couple of days to really unblock it and now it is operational.

    They never replied to Paypal though.

    WOW, that took ages. :-(
    Strange that they have not responded to Paypal.

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    Yes, I think that this kind of 'customer service' (spat) is unacceptable. So I am going to use up remaining money on my accounts, then close PayPal dispute (as there is nothing to dispute anymore) and go back to proper company.
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