My washing machine

    My washing machine fills with water when empty after I've removed washing, does anyone know why please.


    is there something blocking the pipe I had problem years ago turned out pipe was slightly blocked so water was coming back into washing machine

    Check your drain pipe to outside it sounds as if it's not emptying to outside and running back into your washer. It's the pipe on the wall which your drain pipe sits in

    pipe needs replacing

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    Thanks all will look at pipe at back of machine. Happy new year.

    It could be a leaking inlet valve solenoid passing water try turning off the water taps then check if it still occours.

    The washing machine waste pipe could be plumbed in just above the U bend and if this is angled down, then all the waste water from the kitchen sink could be filling it up.

    catsan most washing machines have a trap hidden behind a hatch on the front of the machine , this either unclips or unscrews , bear in mind youll need a bowl or deep tray to catch all the water that will pour out , happened to me once mine wouldnt empty found a missing sock in the trap after that it worked just fine ( unplug the machine from the power socket before you do anything , they hold a fair bit of water )

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    Thanks again your all great.

    Had this trouble myself a while back, we had a blockage outside. Dyno or dino rod had to unblock it'
    ,someone further up was throwing fat down the sink and it gathered up and blocked it.
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