Ok so im using the windows 7 weather widget, and it always seem to be exactly right!
    It has been wrong for in a few days times for say but is always bang on.
    For instance: Today has been cloudy where i live except a few spells of sun and at them times.... yes you guessed it, it was right!!
    So how is this information gathered??? any 1 no co its really buggin me.
    + where would the tempreture sensor be located in my town?
    Any ideas?


    satellites measure about 30 squares miles - the met office computers does the rest......

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    come on ppl there must be more info bout this surley!


    come on ppl there must be more info bout this surley!

    It's exactly the same as any weather's supplied by the met office. If you go into the settings of the widget it should let you pick where your nearest weather station is. (For example mine is RAF Wittering)
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