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My wife's just bought a S-Max titanium...help needed to engage cruise control.

Posted 1st Jan 2009
Help!! as in the title, my wife bought a s-max on a 56 plate, but it didn't come with the instruction manual. Anyone know where i can obtain a replacement manual, or even just tell me how to engage the cruise control. Rep given for all help recieved. Also the car dosen't have a second key or the key for the alloy wheel nuts ( It's not knicked honestly...from a ford dealer and HPI checked) but I got it for 10K with 11,000 miles on the clock so I can't complain too loudly! Any help with these issues also appreciated.
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try ebay for the manual, give ford a call for a second key
ussaly there is a "on" button to turn crusie control on.
secound there should be a "set coast" button..

you need to turn on cruise control then reach the desaired speed then press "set coast" this should keep the car going at the set speed untill u turn it off or tap the brake
Can't rememnber if you have to switch it on, I think you will find there is a rocker switch though. Press it on and then press the + button (above about 30 km/h), this will set your speed. Then press R for recall or 0 for off. It's pretty common for all cars with CC.
Keys are costly as they will need re-configure it and produce new keys if you want one, will cost around £200!! The anti locking nut set can be obtained from Ford dealers around £30!! They may lso help out with the cruise control! :thumbsup:
If it's on a stalk like the indicators pull the stalk towards you then press in the button on the end of the stalk.
Much of the switch gear is common on Fords, so the Mondeo manual will probably give you enough info and I am pretty sure that I have seen a PDF of that online. I wouldn't be happy with not receiving two keys and a locking wheel nut key though, regardless of how cheap you feel it was.

If it's on a stalk like the indicators pull the stalk towards you then … If it's on a stalk like the indicators pull the stalk towards you then press in the button on the end of the stalk.

It's steering wheel based in Fords, not stalk based.
Is the steering wheel like this?
(ref Parkers)

If so, you press "On" on the left side, then press set/+ and it will keep your speed.
I dony want to worry you unduly but not having both original keys can be a major deal with the insurance if you ever have the car stolen,Even if you have new keys cut the insurance company will want to see both original keys in order to prove that the keys were not left in the ignition,Speak to your insurers about this as you really dont want a ten grand car with no insurance cover,Remember somewhere out there is someone with a key for that car,unless you get the immobiliser reprogrammed and both new keys if it is possible with that model,
Two buttons on left of steering wheel are on and off, press the on button.
Then on the right of steering wheel are 3 buttons. Resume, Set and minus.
Press the set one when you're at the speed you want.
Press + and - to increase and decrese speed by 1mph per press.
You can the click RES button to engage and disenage at the same speed.
So if you slow down just press RES and it will speed up to your previous set speed.

This is all assuming it's the same as my Mondeo.
And it only works above about 25 mph.

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