My Wireless Adaptor Connects To The Router But Not The Internet

    Hi folks, hoping someone can help me out here.

    In our house, we have a Belkin Wireless Router. Connected to this is my Desktop, my Laptop, my Xbox 360, and my Mum and Dads Desktop.

    My Desktop and my Xbox 360 are connected using a standard ethernet cable. My Laptop is connected wirelessly with a built-in wireless adaptor, and my M&Ds Desktop is connected using a Belkin Wireless USB Dongle (model number F5D7051).

    The day before yesterday, I did a system restore on my M&Ds Desktop as it had been clogged up for the past six months. After that, I downloaded the Dongles drivers onto my laptop, transferred them across to my M&Ds Desktop using my memory stick, then installed the Dongle as normal, at which point it found a connection to the router.

    So far, so good, and I was able to access the Internet through Internet Explorer. However a few minutes later, the connection was lost. I punched the routers setup address into the address bar and reset the router, and loaded factory settings, and the Internet started working again but it lost its connection again.

    Now I cant get anything from it. It shows my M&Ds Desktop as being connected to the router, but I cant access the Internet, yet my Desktop and Xbox 360 can both access it fine through their wires, as can my laptop (which connects to the router wirelessly with no problems).

    Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong? I just find it really strange that it had been working fine for six months, then when I reinstalled the Dongle it worked fine but lost its connection, and now it cant find a connection at all.

    Cheers in advance.


    I've had a similar problem with belkin wifi recently. I found that checking the password to see that it matches the router worked for me.

    Somehow, mine had changed from a 13 digit WEP password, to a 10 digit password. :?


    Un-install it, reboot and re-install the driver.
    Not sure if the driver is identical, although the version number is the same but there may be a slight difference in the models.

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