My writing is dissapearing!

    Since yesterday mine and everyones name i talk to on MSN has disappeared and i can only see the emoticons in everyones name, also when i download something the writing has disappeared so i dont know what to click :-( any ideas or help on how to fix?

    When i try to open the graphics properties i get this.…jpg


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    Installed or downloaded anything that may clash with it?

    If I were you i would do a system restore back to when it was working a couple of days ago, and try it then.

    U got a virus checker? :whistling:

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    Ye i did a system restore and it worked.

    I had this!!!!!!!! But I could only not see my writting ... ended up I was writting in white :O

    White writing was my first guess but looking at the error it looks like something went wrong with the software - at least it's now sorted.



    White writing was my first guess

    :oops: Yeh yeh yeh Make me feel worse ... took be ages to work it out!!!

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    Damn i system restored to 2 days ago and now its reached the same amount of time to get to this day again its disappearing, this is some back to the future funky stuff HELP!
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